Lathe Tool Handles

After purchasing my lathe, I needed some turning tools, and opted to start with Carbide. The set I bought came with 2 handles for 4 tools, so one of my projects was to make 2 more handles out of walnut. After doing this, I preferred them so much to the aluminum handles I decided to make another 2 out of oak.

Natural Edge Desk

Kelly needed a desk to write at and I had this piece of black locust I had milled several years earlier that seemed perfect. Once the desk top was done, some discussion went on about what to do for the legs and we settled on turning legs from walnut with a little maple for accent.

Intarsia Logo

Kelly started a new job and we wanted to make a project to both celebrate and display on her desk. We settled on this intarsia project using their logo. A trip to Rare Woods USA in Mexico, Maine and we got the materials to suit. Woods used in this were Katalox, Redheart, African Rosewood, and Maple.

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