Shop Notes 3/20/2023

Current Shop project


3/20/20231 min read

Currently I'm working on a few projects in the shop itself, in order to make future woodworking projects easier and faster to complete. I've added some additional lighting, one over the lathe and one over my new (to me) drill press. I also needed to make a cart to put my worksharp 3000 sharpening station on, and since space is at a premium, I am combining it with a place for the router table. One side had the sharpening station and the other will have the router table. Both sides have storage for items related to that side. And since it's on wheels, I will be able to keep it next to the lathe, which will block the doors to the bulkhead, but the wheels make it easy enough to roll out of the way when material needs to come down. Once these few shop improvements are finished, I'll be returning tot he chair for kelly which will go with her new writing desk. The chair will be using another piece of the crotch black locust to match the desk, and will hopefully come out just as beautiful.